Business Diversity Center

National employment trends show an increasingly diverse workforce. The paradox of diversity in the workplace is that it presents one of the greatest challenges while also presenting one of the greatest opportunities that organizations will face. The workplace environment where all employees are valued can be both a source of personal growth for the employees and a professional competitive advantage for the firm.

The Minor in Multicultural Diversity Management is an 18-hour program that enables students of all majors to build valuable skills that are central to managerial effectiveness:

      • Communicate with diverse others in an organizational setting in a culturally sensitive manner.
      • Manage with an understanding of how issues of diversity influence behavior and interactions.
      • Lead with an informed perspective of the diversity issues prevalent within the modern workplace.
      • Develop and implement organizational elements that promote rather than hinder diversity in the workplace.
      • Evaluate applicants and employees in a fair manner by understanding diverse values, attitudes, and beliefs.

      The Pamplin College is particularly well-prepared to address the interdisciplinary nature of creating and supporting this initiative. Four departments in the college provide course support for the Minor in Multicultural Diversity Management. A variety of elective courses outside of the College of Business can be counted toward minor requirements.