Business Diversity Center

The Minor Experience

The Minor in Multicultural Diversity Management is relevant and open to all majors and will help students to obtain an understanding of the organizations in which they work and the world in which they live.  Students completing this minor will develop awareness, knowledge, skills and abilities related to workplace diversity.  The curriculum in the Minor in Multicultural Diversity Management has been developed to provide students with a broad view of diversity and its importance and relevance to all organizations.

In the core courses students will learn about the underlying issues characterizing the management of diversity and multiculturalism in organizations, and how to manage them effectively in an organizational context. Students will also take elective courses offered within and outside the College of Business addressing the legal, marketing, sociocultural and ethical issues associated with managing diversity. Additionally, students have the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge through real-world experiences through the minor's capstone experiential activity, either as an internship or study abroad.